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Jin Shin Tara

Program Based Upon the Work of Dr. Stephanie Mines

Experience the Resolution of Shock and Trauma through Jin Shin Tara ~ Compassionate Touch

Jin Shin Tara combines the ancients healing art of Jin Shin with the awareness and intentional dialogues to renegotiate trauma and shock in the central nervous system. When stress, trauma or shock is present in the energy system it blocks neural pathways to the bran and energy communication is blocked, stopped or severely slowed. Energy patterns may include fight or flight or frozen energy patterns that the individual repays over and over in everyday life as habitual patterns of how the individual uses his or her energy. 


Jin Shin can be extremely beneficial for personal with illnesses, or survivors of shock and trauma such as sexual abuse, families of alcoholics, accident survivors, those who have witnessed horror or destruction, those with birth trauma or trauma in utero, persons separated from loved ones at an early age. It today’s world, almost everyone has experienced stress and we are exposed to violence on a daily basis through the news medium and television.


Persons with chronic illnesses, panic attacks, eating disorders, allergies, head injuries.  Are all possible candidates for improving their energy systems and quality of life.

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